how the weather came to be

I have been struggling to find a gentle yet inspiring tale for how the weather came to be, as the first week of January is Weather Week in Exploring Nature with Children (the Nature Studies resource we will be using). Per the book, we will be observing and documenting the weather throughout the week, and I wanted to introduce some Weather Gnomes to our Nature Table as part of our daily duties. So, because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I decided to put my fingers to work and wrote a short tale of how Father Sun and Mother Moon brought calm to their little Earth through taming some of the weather. I say some because I only wanted to work with the basic weather patterns for this introduction. Both of my Littles know the weather, that isn’t quite the issue, but because the desert generally has simple weather phenomena, I decided to keep it simple. I hope to have art to go along with this little tale at some point, as well as photos of our little Weather Gnomes once they are finished.

Here is my heavily Waldorf and Pagan inspired tale for How the Weather Came to Be:

Long ago, when the Earth was new and Father Sun and Mother Moon were still working their magic, the winds were harsh and Father’s beams were hot – Mother’s pull on the oceans was severe and the storms raged all over the planet. She spun and spun in the heavens, faster and faster, and refused to slow her rotation. They both longed to bring peace to the violent world but were unsure how to do it.

After many attempts to calm the land and sea and sky, Father and Mother were tired. They moved farther from the little planet – not too far as to lose sight, but far enough to take a moment to calm their own spirits.

“Mother,” said Father as his beams reached over the curve of the planet, “will we ever see a day where our little Earth slows down?”

“I don’t know, Father,” Mother responded softly, “there is so much work to be done, and little Earth will not listen. She has a will of her own.”

It was this last statement that inspired Father Sun. “I will take a little beam of light and place her on the surface. She will provide just enough warmth and light to bring joy to little Earth. Every morning, she will move over the planet and bring more or less light. She will always be connected to my rays, and will listen to Earth and her subtle cues.”

“That is wonderful, Father!” Mother exclaimed. And so, that day, as Father watched his little Earth spin and spin and spin, he sent his little beam down and told her about her job.

The little child, named Sunny, was a joyous creature who jumped and played all over the world, shining her light where Earth asked for it. As Mother and Father watched, they noticed that little Earth slowed – just a bit, not too much. But, it seemed that there were still violent and troublesome movements all around Earth. Mother, watched for a time, seeing that the clouds and the rain left some areas dry and others flooded. With a spark of creativity, Mother whipped a bit of cloud into a form and then brought a bit of rain together in another form.

“Here you are, Cloudy and Rainy. You must always work together and listen to one another, for without one there cannot be the other.” She sent the little children down to the Earth, where they danced and played over the surface. Here and there, they danced and played, but Mother noticed that neither Cloudy nor Rainy, were able to fully work their magic over the Earth.

Mother went to Father and spoke to him of the violent winds that plagued the little planet.

“We must harness these winds and give them proper duties, Father. I cannot do it alone, I need your help.”

Father and Mother wrapped their arms around little Earth and lifted the four Winds into the heavens, where they moulded the four winds into a single little child. When he was ready, and he knew his job – to help Cloudy and Rainy move from place to place – Mother and Father sent him to their little Earth.

Earth, now with sun and rain and clouds and wind all working together, slowed her rotations even more. She was calmer and gave her parents a soft hum of joy. Father Sun and Mother Moon were happy to see their little Earth and their Weather Children playing joyously.

The sky has always been inspirational for me, especially here in the desert.

Weather Collage 1.jpg




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